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Santa Ana Animal Hospital

- Kind and Quality Care at a Fair Price -

Your pets are an integral part of your life and they deserve the very best medical care you can give them. At Affordable Animal Hospital, we provide you with not only a premier and affordable vet in Santa Ana, but we also have locations across Los Angeles and Southern California.

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We have a decades-long legacy in providing veterinary care. During this time, we have worked with cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. We understand the unique needs of each furry friend and we provide highly-customized treatments, designed to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Gentle hands, healing touch –
perfect for your little ones.

Puppies and kittens require the most loving care as they grow. Right from birth, they need constant attention and timely medical care. At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, our vets and nurses have treated pups and kittens of all ages, helping them get immunized against life-threatening diseases and parasites.

We provide all the essential and legally mandatory vaccinations that your little pet needs. Our oral and injection-based deworming medication ensures that no heartworms, intestinal worms, and other seasonal parasites plague your little pups and kittens. With these immunizations, your little ones will develop into strong and hardy adults in no time.

Our veterinarians and nurses are renowned across Santa Ana for their gentle and compassionate care. They are supremely careful when handling your tiny furry babies, ensuring that your puppies and kittens feel no pain when they’re being treated.

If this is your first experience as a pet owner, we can advise you on the best pet care practices. We will provide a schedule for all the essential medical procedures that your pet needs to undergo before he/she is a year old. When you need a veterinarian Santa Ana counts on, we are here for you and your pet.

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Surgical & Non-Surgical Veterinary Care By Specialists

Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana is reputed for its tailored approach towards veterinary care. We personalize treatment plans to suit the medical histories and needs of your pets.

While surgical treatments are a great way to provide long-term benefits, they may not be suitable for every pet. That’s why our highly-experienced and globally-qualified team of veterinarians offer non-surgical treatments as well.

Once you visit our hospital, we will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation of your cat/dog and then recommend a customized treatment plan. Rest assured, your pet will be in good health in no time.

Other Services We Offer

Other medical care services we offer at our Santa Ana veterinary hospital are:

  • Regular medical consultations
  • Bi-annual and annual full-body examinations
  • Spaying and neutering of cats and dogs
  • Comprehensive dental care and dental surgery
  • Orthopedic care and surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Cat and dog microchipping
  • Emergency veterinary care
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Diagnosing invisible ailments
with preventative treatment

Some injuries, illnesses, and infections leave behind visible signs, but in many cases, you won’t know the full extent of your pet’s condition, because symptoms aren’t visible to the naked eye. In such an instance, the vet will need to take a deeper look into your pet’s body to identify any internal injuries.

At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, we have a fully-equipped digital X-ray center where you can get high-quality X-rays of your pets. Our X-ray technicians are highly-experienced in imaging cats and dogs of all temperaments. They’ll know just how to calm your antsy pet when they’re being taken for imaging.

From diagnosing obstructions to finding internal bleeding, our digital X-rays are extremely helpful in diagnosing a variety of ailments. We have the experience and affordable vet Santa Ana pets and owners can count on.

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Why Choose Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana As Your Veterinary Partners?

At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, our legacy in veterinary care empowers us to offer the most universal preventative veterinary care to your pet.

Here are a few important reasons to partner with us for pet care:

  • An expansive list of veterinary services at highly affordable prices.
  • Trained staff of vets and nurses, experienced in treating cats and dogs of all breeds and ages.
  • Fully-equipped facility with the cutting-edge surgical technology
  • Globally benchmarked safety & hygiene processes followed.
  • Geared to handle pet-related medical crises.
  • Highly-knowledgeable about mandatory pet care vaccinations & microchipping laws in Los Angeles County.
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Our Mission:

Promoting the Welfare of Our Furry Friends with Timely & Compassionate Care

Veterinary Care Doesn’t Always Have To Be Expensive

Many pet parents worry about the rising costs of veterinary care. Such worries may prevent them from bringing their pets to the best vets in their neighborhood. At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, we firmly believe that every cat and dog deserves access to top-notch medical care. That’s why we charge competitive prices for all of our services.

Many of our vaccinations and dental care programs have seasonal or time-based discounts. Our team will be more than happy to help you receive these discounts and offers, in keeping with our promise to provide the community with a low cost vet for Santa Ana. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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