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Not all pet injuries and medical conditions are easily visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, your pet may have an internal injury that is invisible to you. An X-ray is a great way to check your pet’s internal organs and make the right medical decisions.

At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, our trained and qualified X-ray technicians have experience working with cats and dogs of all ages. They can safely and quickly take an X-ray of your pet and give you the images within a few minutes. Visit our facility to get an X-ray of your pet.

Digital X-Rays of Your Pet

Can Keep them Safe

X-rays come in two primary kinds – conventional and digital. At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, we specialize in digital X-rays.

Unlike traditional X-rays, which give out a lot of radiation, digital X-rays are extremely safe for your pet. New research also shows that digital X-rays significantly reduce the risk posed by X-rays to pregnant cats and dogs.

Digital X-rays are also very quick, giving you premium-quality images in a matter of minutes. Now you don’t need to wait for hours at the hospital, to get the files. Our imaging technicians can take fast and accurate images of your pet’s body and can directly email your vet the images he/she needs, to make the right diagnosis.

When Would Your Pet Need an X-Ray?

Your cat or dog may need an X-ray in the following circumstances:

  • Injury due to accident or trauma
  • Sudden diarrhea, vomiting or constipation
  • Bloating or malformation in the body
  • Tissue, tendon or ligament damage
  • Pica
  • Bleeding or pain/irritation while urinating or pooping
  • Inexplicable growth or nodule felt under the skin

If you notice any of these conditions, please bring your pet over to the Affordable Animal Hospital in Santa Ana for a digital X-ray.

Don’t Stay in the Dark About Your Pet’s Health

X-rays empower pet parents by giving them clarity about their pet’s internal health. When you get an X-ray, you can make certain that your furry friend is in the best condition.

Our imaging technicians and vets at Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana are highly skilled in calming nervous and excited pets while they get their X-rays done. They will be able to gently take your pet through the entire process, without causing any distress.

Don’t hesitate to visit us for a digital X-ray today!

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