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Puppy & Kitten Care

Whether you’ve brought a delightful pup home or a cuddly kitten, your life has certainly changed forever. But with the many joys come the immense responsibilities of protecting your puppies and kittens from injuries, infections, and medical conditions.

At Affordable Animal Hospital, our Santa Ana, California center is fully-equipped to provide comprehensive puppy and kitten care. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

dog and cat vaccinations Santa Ana

Safeguard the Health of Your

Fragile Puppy and Kitten with Routine Examinations

Puppies and kittens are one of the daintiest animals on the planet. They are so small and look so breakable. If you’re not careful, your puppies and kittens may get hurt in their enthusiasm to play with you and learn about their surroundings.

A great way to be informed of your pup’s or kitten’s health is to get routine examinations done at the vet. A full-body examination will help you learn whether your pup and kitten are growing as expected, meeting all developmental markers, and are healthy or not.

Our Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana facility is staffed by some of the most experienced and reputed veterinarians in California. Our team has years of experience working with pups and kittens of all ages, and they can do an exhaustive full-body examination of your furry baby.

Don’t Give Pathogens a Chance to Affect Your Pet’s Future

Bacteria, viruses, and fungus can cause infections and fatal diseases in pups and kittens. You must get your little furry baby immunized against these pathogens, so they have a long and healthy life.

We offer the following treatments for puppies and kittens:

  • Vaccinations against conditions like parvovirus, distemper, rabies, Bordetella, etc.
  • Deworming
  • Screening for intestinal parasite
  • Screening for heartworm, ticks & fleas

Inclusions in the Full-Body Puppy/Kitten Exam

Our full-body puppy/kitten exam includes:

  • Congenital health analysis
  • Diet and nutrition assessment
  • Leukemia testing for kittens
  • Microchipping
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Dental care

The hospital does not provide Housebreaking training or Obedience and Discipline training but can give advice. We monitor your pup/kitten’s behavior for any behavioral concerns and address them accordingly.

Choose Us for Safe & Budget-Friendly Pet Care

As a pet parent, you must keep on top of all the vaccinations, check-ups, and medical treatments needed by your pet. At Affordable Animal Hospital Santa Ana, our services are very budget-friendly, and our empathetic staff is trained to handle your young canines and felines with care. Contact us for details.

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